Vincenzo Carbone

Dept. of Physics, University of Calabria, Rende (CS), Italy

Abstract: Complex systems, as the Earth environment, are subject to a lot of different phenomena related in a nonlinear way between each other. The response of the system to every small perturbation is then quite unpredictable and sometime counter-intuitive. In this framework standard technique of analysis are somewhat ineffective to investigate spatio-temporal fields obtained from observations or measurements. We present some phenomena where novel techniques of nonlinear analysis give us the possibility to observe some hidden phenomena within complexity in the Earth environment.

Personal Resume: Vincenzo Carbone is full professor of Applied Physics at University of Calabria. The interest of Prof. Vincenzo Carbone are focused on the study, both theoretical and experimental, of non linear phenomena in some fields of science. In particular his main scientific contribution is on the investigation of turbulence, by means of modeling and simulations. Moreover he is currently involved in geophysical studies on extreme events in oceans and atmosphere (tsunamis, rogue waves, etc.), seismology and climate changes due to Sun-Earth relations. Other topics of researches are related to solar physics, the scaling behavior of the large scale universe, and nonlinear optics, by investigating transition to chaos and turbulence in complex fluids.