Giuseppe Ciraolo

University of Palermo, Italy

Abstract: A correct estimation of both the temporal and spatial distribution of evapotranspiration and soil moisture is essential to manage water resources and irrigation practices, especially in Mediterranean areas where water scarcity and a semiarid climate often cause fragility and severe damage to the agro-ecosystems. The determination of the spatial distribution of these variables is not simple, due to heterogeneity and complexity of the involved hydrological processes. Following these needs, recently the scientific community has developed detailed mathematical models for simulating land surface fluxes and to retrieve surface soil water content by integrating essential climatic data and remote sensing. The speech will be focused on the role of the remote sensing in hydrology and agriculture modelling, considering in perspective the new platforms and recent available data.

Personal Resume: Giuseppe Ciraolo is Assistant Professor at the University of Palermo. He reads Hydraulics and Hydrology both as a graduate and a PhD. Since 1995 the research activities of Dr. Ciraolo relates to the development of methods and algorithms to retrieve quantitative information from multispectral remotely sensed images (airborne and satellite platforms). He is a specialist in coupling remote sensing with numerical modelling and field and laboratory measurements. The main expertise thus regards monitoring the environment with a special attention to the vegetation-evapotranspitation processes and soil water content detection. Dr. Giuseppe Ciraolo is also a lecturer on application of remote-sensing techniques to hydrology and water quality assessment, at the University of Palermo. He is author and co-author of more than 100 papers published on international and national Conference Proceedings, and on ISI international Journals.