David Harper

University of Leicester, Leicester, UK

Abstract: The prevailing philosophy of restoration of watercourses in Europe as well as globally, is to improve structure - either chemically (water quality) or physically. The approach which I shall outline is to consider the ecological processes that lead to delivery of services and to use these as the targets for restoration.

Personal Resume: Professor Harper has conducted research from the University of Leicester for over 35 years on the ecosystem functioning of lowland river systems in England and lake ecosystems in the Rift Valley of East Africa. His major achievements have been 1) to develop a method for river restoration that uses meso-habitat scale, 'building-block' restoration to unite hydrology & geomorphological processes with ecological process in rivers and 2) to link commercial uses of lake water for irrigation in Kenya with sustainable ecosystem management. Both of these adopt the ecohydrological approach. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, written one book as sole author and 5 as senior editor, the most recent being "Ecohydrology: processes, models and case studies". He is an associate editor of three aquatic ecological journals and the joint founding editor of Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology (Elsevier).