Alfonso Senatore

Dept. of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, University of Calabria, Rende (CS), Italy

Abstract: Integration of measurements and models is crucial for understanding and predicting the complex interactions governing water fluxes among soil, vegetated/bare surface and atmosphere. Several applications of this integrated approach will be shown for different scales of analysis on Calabria and other southern Italian regions. At the parcel/hillslope scale (~10² m) the emphasis is on the eddy covariance technique and Macroscopic Cellular Automata models. At the medium-sized watershed scale (~10³ m) hydrological impact of climate change projections will be shown, based on a spatially distributed model validated through data provided by a regional meteo-hydrological network. Finally, considering a wider scale (~104 m), some models will be presented aimed at estimating the spatial patterns of several hydrological variables (e.g. precipitation, evapotranspiration, groundwater resources), comparing their results with ground-based observations.

Personal Resume: Alfonso Senatore is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Environmental and Chemical Engineering of the University of Calabria. His main research interests are in coupled modelling at different scales, specifically by means of hydrological-ecological or atmospheric-hydrological models (currently he is collaborating on this issue with the Campus Alpine of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Garmisch-Partenkirchen), and in monitoring water and heat fluxes between surface and atmosphere by means of micrometeorological measurements (he is responsible of the management of an eddy covariance station). He produced more than 50 publications, among which about 10 ISI referenced articles, and was appointed as reviewer for high impact journals dealing with hydrology. He participated to several national and international research projects as an expert of drought and water resources management, and contributed to numerous conferences, seminars and workshops.