2nd European Fully Coupled Atmospheric-Hydrological Modeling and WRF-Hydro® Users Workshop

Postponed to a future date


Given the current very uncertain situation with the spread of the COVID-19 crisis, the scientific committee of the 2nd European Fully Coupled Atmospheric-Hydrological Modeling and WRF-Hydro® Users Workshop has taken the decision to postpone the workshop to a future date. Nevertheless, the forthcoming Special Issue of the journal Hydrological Processes affiliated to the workshop, titled Coupled atmosphere-hydrological processes: novel system developments and cross-compartment evaluations, still goes on. Related information will circulate soon. Meanwhile, for more details, please contact cesmma (at) unical (dot) it

News: Special Issue of Hydrological Processes

The workshop is affiliated to a forthcoming Special Issue of the journal Hydrological Processes, titled Coupled atmosphere-hydrological processes: novel system developments and cross-compartment evaluations.

Overview & Call for Abstracts

The 2nd European Fully Coupled Atmospheric-Hydrological Modeling and WRF-Hydro® Users Workshop will take place at the “University Club” Hall at the University of Calabria, Rende (Cosenza, Italy), .

The challenge of improving hydrometeorological forecasts and the need for accurate projections of hydrological impacts due to climate change has fostered the development of novel, fully two-way coupled atmospheric-hydrologic modeling systems by various research groups around the world.

The primary objective of the Workshop is to create an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with coupled atmospheric-hydrological modelers. As such, we invite abstracts focusing on the complex interactions between surface water, groundwater and regional climate as well as those presenting work on the development of fully-coupled hydrometeorological prediction systems for flood and water resources prediction. Presentations on novel coupled modeling systems that bridge spatial scales through dynamic regridding or upscaling/downscaling methodologies are also welcome, together with comparative studies between one-way and fully- coupled modeling systems, combined dynamical-statistical approaches, data assimilation in coupled models, field studies with measurements supporting multi-variable validation of coupled modeling systems.

The latter part of the workshop will be dedicated to the Community WRF- Hydro® modeling system that was released by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in 2013, by means of 2.5 days hands-on tutorial. There are 20 spots available for this hands-on tutorial. 

WRF-Hydro® Tutorial Description:
This 2.5 day workshop will provide graduate students, early career scientists, and professionals with formal instruction on the structure and application of the WRF-Hydro system in a coupled instance. It will offer hands-on experience in setting up and running the system for several different research and prediction applications.
Topics covered during the workshop may include:

  • Conceptualization and structure of the WRF-Hydro system
  • Description of physics components and options within WRF-Hydro
  • Model input data preparation 
  • Hands-on model configuration and execution of an example test case
  • Hands-on experimental model simulations and comparisons with a prepared example test case
  • Overview of model calibration
  • Open discussion on class participant interests and applications

Participants of the hands-on tutorial are required to bring their own laptop computer with:

  • SSH and X-server capability
  • Google Chrome web browser
  • (Optional) ArcGIS 10.7 with Spatial Analyst extension activated and 64GB background geoprocessing - this will be for creating the hydrologic routing input files

More information on the WRF-Hydro® system can be found at: https://ral.ucar.edu/projects/wrf_hydro

Detailed Program

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WRF-Hydro Tutorial Attendee Pre-Survey Form

If you are registering or have registered for the WRF-Hydro Hands-on Tutorial, please fill out this form. This information will help us to better design the contents of the tutorial.

Early registration fee

Workshop : 200€
WRF-Hydro sessions : 250€
Full subscription : 400€

Regular registration fee

Workshop : 300€
WRF-Hydro sessions : 350€
Full subscription : 500€

Payments (bank transfer)

Beneficiary: Università della Calabria - Dip.to di Ingegneria dell'Ambiente
Bank: Banca UniCredit
IBAN: IT24Z0200880884000103544501
IBAN for public administrations: IT05F0100003245451300038137
sub-account: 2020

(please pay attention to indicate the correct sub-account number: it can be indicated in the "Cause of payment" field, as well)
Cause of payment: WRF-Hydro 2021 [Early or Regular] Registration Fee

Abstract Submission

A template for preparing your abstract can be downloaded here

  • The file "WRF-Hydro_abstract_template.doc" is a template for preparing your abstract (please, do not exceed 1 page)
  • Abstracts should be submitted as an email attachment to cesmma (at) unical (dot) it (Subject: “Abstract WRF-Hydro 2021")
  • A confirmation email will be sent to all authors after the quality check of their contribution (within one week from submission). Only .doc(x) and .pdf are the acceptable file formats.
  • Please indicate: your preference for an ORAL or POSTER presentation directly in the email body.
  • Accepted summaries will be scheduled in the workshop programme after full payment of the registration fee.

Important Dates

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The workshop is held at the University Club Hall, in front of the library buildings, at University of Calabria, Rende (Cosenza, Italy)

How to reach us


Lamezia Terme airport (60 km South of Cosenza, on the Thyrrenian Sea). There are many bus services available from the airport to the bus station of Cosenza (city centre). From Cosenza bus station, it is possible to take a bus to University. Another opportunity is to use the shuttle service on-demand “Al volo” ( http://www.al-volo.eu/, +39-328-9877343), but it's more expensive (20 euro per person). Last option is train, "Lamezia Terme Centrale" station is very close to the airport and linked by bus provided by Trenitalia. Go to http://www.trenitalia.com/ and search for connections to "Castiglione Cosentino" (closest train station to University) or "Cosenza" (city centre) or "Castiglione CS Unical" (you can also take a bus from Castiglione Cosentino to University with the same ticket)

Featured Coming from the North, get out of the train at the station of Paola and take local train to Cosenza. Get out of the train to Cosenza at Castiglione Cosentino railway station (the only train stop, 7 km before Cosenza). From the railway station, take a bus for University

Featured The best exit from free highway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria is Cosenza Nord Rende (7 km north of Cosenza). At the exit of the freeway, University is on the left (1 km)

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Some rooms have been reserved at the University of Calabria Campus at a reduced price. These rooms will be assigned to those who ask for them within the early registration deadline . If interested, please contact cesmma (at) unical (dot) it.

  • Single room: 31 euro per day
  • Double room in single use: 35 euro per day
  • Double room: 44 euro per day

Breakfast not included. Linen change and cleaning included. Canteen service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at a discounted cost of € 12.00 per person.

Hotels affiliated with the University of Calabria near the workshop location (when booking, please specify that the reason for the visit is participation in a workshop at the University of Calabria to enjoy discounted prices. Prices are per day):

Single room Double room in
single use
Double room breakfast included
Ariha Hotel
€ 50 € 55 € 65 yes
Fattoria Stocchi
€ 50 - € 55 yes
Majorana Hotel
€ 45 € 55 € 60 yes
BV President Hotel
- € 59 € 64 yes


Organizing institutions

Department of Environmental
National Center for
Atmospheric Research

Scientific planning committee

Organizing committee

  • Giuseppe Mendicino
  • Alfonso Senatore
  • Luca Furnari
  • Domenico Fuoco
  • Francesco Colosimo
  • Roberta Maletta
  • Alessio De Rango
  • Jessica Castagna


Contacts and legal information

Event details

2nd European Fully Coupled Atmospheric-Hydrological Modeling and WRF-Hydro® Users Workshop will take place at the “University Club” Hall at the University of Calabria, Rende (Cosenza, Italy).


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Address: Centro Studi per il Monitoraggio e la Modellazione Ambientale (CeSMMA)
Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Calabria
Via Pietro Bucci, 87036 - Arcavacata di Rende (CS)
Contact address: cesmma (at) unical (dot) it
URL homepage: Coming soon

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Organizing institutions

University of Calabria
Department of Environmental

National Center for
Atmospheric Research


For any information please refer to:

cesmma (at) unical (dot) it

alfonso.senatore (at) unical (dot) it

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