During the UN Ocean Decade, FLAME aims to establish a Global Coastal Ocean Model Intercomparison Programme (CO-MIP) that will provide climate change impacts and hazard assessments to the next and future IPCC reports. While climate change is increasingly better understood and modelled on global scales, climate impacts are most acutely felt across the coastal ocean, where rapidly expanding human populations are reliant upon coastal ecosystem resources and services and where they are most vulnerable to coastal hazards. Downscaling global and regional climate models to reliably project change in the coastal ocean however, where the land, ocean and human populations are intimately connected, is challenging. FLAME provides a set of high-level objectives and a framework within which the international research community can work together to improve high-resolution projections of the global coastal oceans responses to future climate, on decadal to centennial scales, and strengthen understanding of the impacts that this will have on coastal ecosystems, hazards and services.