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Wednesday, June 11


  • Greetings from the Rector of the University of Calabria

  • Greetings from the Head of the Dept. of Environmental and Chemical Eng.

  • Introduction to the workshop (Giuseppe Mendicino, University of Calabria)

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    1st session: Fully coupled atmo-hydro modeling approaches: State of the art


    Keynote Lecture

    Integrated Climate and Hydrology Modelling – catchment scale coupling of the HIRHAM regional climate model and the MIKE SHE hydrological Model

    Morten Andreas Dahl Larsen, Technical University of Denmark

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    Integrated Hydrometeorological Predictions: A case study of the Colorado Front Range Flood of 2013

    David J. Gochis, National Center for Atmospheric Research, CO - USA

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    Coupling WRF and HMS: a model system allowing simulations of the full atmospheric and terrestrial water balance at regional spatial and climate relevant temporal scales

    Sven Wagner, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Campus Alpin, Germany

    Coffee break


    Evaluating Coupled Atmospheric-Hydrological Model Systems: Design and Operation of Hydrometeorological Testbeds

    Harald Kunstmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology & University of Augsburg, Germany


    Performance of WRF-Hydro in complex terrain

    Thomas Rummler, University of Augsburg, Germany


    Fully coupled WRF-Hydro atmospheric-hydrological modeling in a Mediterranean catchment

    Alfonso Senatore, University of Calabria, Italy

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    Evaluation of a fully coupled atmospheric-hydrological modeling system for the Sissili watershed in the West African Sudanian Savannah

    Joel Arnault, University of Augsburg, Germany

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    2nd session: Enhancing process representation in fully coupled modeling systems


    Keynote Lecture

    Coupled modeling of groundwater/surface water interactions: successes and challenges from recent applications

    Claudio Paniconi, INRS-ETE, Canada

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    Saturated zone interaction within WRF-Hydro: from the bucket approach to a physically-based distributed groundwater representation

    Benjamin Fersch, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Campus Alpin, Germany


    Using the WRF-Hydro model for flood forecasting of 100 years flood event in Israel

    Amir Givati, Israeli Hydrological Service, Israel

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    WRF-Hydro simulation of the Himalayan Beas river basin

    Lu Li, Uni Climate, Norway

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    Coffee break


    The ENKI Hydrologic Modeling Framework: A preprocessor for WRF-Hydro?

    John Burkhart, University of Oslo & Statkraft AS, Norway

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    OpenMI 2.0 based WRF - SWAT models integration

    Andrey Bugaets, FERHRI, Russian Federation


    Simulation of a Flood event occurred in Istanbul in September 2009 by using the WRF-Hydro Model

    Elcin Tan, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

    Thursday, June 12

    3rd session: The forecasting chain and other aspects of land-atmosphere coupling


    Keynote Lecture

    Use of a fully distributed triangulated irregular network hydrologic model in climate change and ecohydrological studies

    Giuseppe Mascaro, Arizona State University, USA

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    DRIHM and DRIHM2US: e-Infrastructures for hydro-meteo research

    Fabio Delogu, CIMA Research Foundation, Italy

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    The POLIMI forecasting chain for flood and drought predictions

    Alessandro Ceppi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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    Evaluation of hydrometeorological extremes using WRF-Hydro system

    Ismail Yucel, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

    Coffee break


    Towards a WRF-Hydro application for the Tana River basin of East Africa

    Noah Kerandi, University of Augsburg, Germany


    High resolution numerical modeling of an idealized daytime Urban Heat Island circulation

    Monica Moroni, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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    Enhancement of Mercury emissions at the sea water – atmosphere interface driven by regional climate changes

    Christian Natale Gencarelli, CNR – Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research, Italy

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    Influences of shipping emissions on Mediterranean air quality and radiative forcing

    Christian Natale Gencarelli, CNR – Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research, Italy

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    Estimation of the groundwater supply coming from the melting of the Chimborazo glacier (Ecuador)

    Francesco Chidichimo, University of Calabria, Italy

    14:00 - Fundamentals of WRF-Hydro: Lectures

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    Friday, June 13

    09:00 - Instructional session: mini-tutorial WRF-Hydro